Games You Should Play (because I told you to!)

Nickdog8891 —  20/06/2013 — Leave a comment


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

If you are like me (and you aren’t) and you were disappointed that Red Dead Redemption wasn’t more like its predecessor Red Dead Revolver, then you are in luck, because CoJ: Gunslinger is here.  If you like drama, adventure, and a gripping story, coupled with a wild west setting, go back to Red Dead Redemption.  If you want to shoot some outlaws with a six-shooter, then keep reading.

For the modest price of 1200 Microsoft points (or 15 real people dollars) you can hunt down dangerous outlaws as the notorious bounty hunter, Silas Greaves.  The story is told through an aged Silas recounting his exploits to a few eager ears in a saloon in Abilene, Kansas.  You play as the younger Silas, reliving his past from a simple outlaw to a renowned bounty hunter.  The art style is on the cartoony side, but I feel that makes the story richer, as it enhances the sense of myth blurring with fact.  With the ability to upgrade your abilities, engage in duels, and hunt around for nuggets of truth (collectables), this arcade shooter is much more than meets the eye.

(Look forward to more Games You Should Play [GYSP] in the near future)



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