Review: FUSE

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A bicycle built for 2-4

FUSE is a great co-op shooter, which is great.  Unfortunately, it’s not a great single player shooter.  Don’t get me wrong, it controls well, the story is enjoyable, and the weapons are unique and balance, but the game just feels like you are playing a shooter meant for multiple human players.

FUSE tasks you with recovering stolen experimental weaponry from a paramilitary terrorist organization named Raven.  You can play as any of four members of the Overstrike team, lead by Dalton, a former Raven member.   Early on, you stumble upon an experimental energy source called Fuse, which is being tested as a weapon, unbeknown to you and the public.  Four different weapons have been created, each with its own strengths and weakness, an excellent setup for a team based shooter.

One of the Fuse weapons is the Magsheild.  It is a hand-held, one way wall, capable of stopping incoming bullets but allowing return fire to pass through with ease.  It also has a pulse feature, which sends a burst of energy outward, damaging any enemy close enough to it’s blast.   It’s barely a weapon, but it may be the most important tool in your arsenal.  The others three are the Arcshot, the Scattergun, and the Warp Rife.
You will need to utilize all four to stop Raven from their nefarious plans.

Four Senses


Modern yet Scifi, with a imposing yet useful HUD.


Witty banter


Weapons carry appropriate weight, good cover recognition, slightly loose foot controls


Semi-serious, good humor, not heavy on blood and gore, but definitely M

Vacuum Grade


Real world grade


It was originally slated to be a goofier, cartoony co-op shooter named Overstrike before it had a drastic art change.  I think for the final product being a predominantly co-op shooter, the goofier style would have fit much better



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