Superman Unchained Issue 1

mcrich23 —  17/06/2013 — 1 Comment

superman unchained pic


Superman Unchained Issue 1

     I am going to open and honest, I hate Superman and only purchased the book because of Jim Lee’s art.  The New 52 has not done anything to sway my opinion in either of the current monthly Superman books.  I wanted so badly to read this book hate it and rip it in this review but I cannot.  Scott Snyder has done a great job with Batman and after reading the first issue it looks like he is doing more of the same here.  Superman has to be the hardest character to write for because let’s face it he has almost limitless power and few enemies that could be a legitimate threat.  Snyder manages to capture the essence of what makes Superman great while avoiding what I call the” Superfriends Effect”.  For those who are not aware the “Superfriends Effect” is when characters do something awesome but it comes off completely cheesy due to execution.

    Snyder has a few irons in the fire this issue with objects falling from space, a Lex Luthor appearance, and a secret military plot.  What I loved most about this book was cliché seven weaponized objects falling to earth is truly a job for Superman. Too often Clark is doing feats that other heroes are just as easily capable of and it is about time that stops.  The only real downside to this issue was the price because $4.99 is ridiculous for thirty-two pages.  Snyder did the improbable and made a primarily Marvel guy into a Superman fan.

This issue gets 5 out of 5 from me


One response to Superman Unchained Issue 1


    I’m a primarily Marvel guy too, but the New 52 totally made me change my mind. DC has been giving us so many wonderful series since the reboot started: Animal Man, Green Arrow, Vibe… all of them are pure awesomeness each month.
    As for Marvel… well, I used to like Hawkeye, but the second trade left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope this series will reach the peeks of its first issues again.

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