Review: State of Decay

Nickdog8891 —  13/06/2013 — Leave a comment

State of Decay

The zombies are ready…… are you? 

If you are looking for a true survival game, look no further than State of Decay.  This XBLA title tasks you with surviving a zombie outbreak with little to no preparation, instead relying on scavenging and strategy to maintain yourself against the undead.  With a colorful cast of characters, and a realistic environment, this game will have you hooked from the moment you bash in your first skull.
Think Red Dead Redemption meets Dead Rising, minus the outlaws, and whiny survivors.  These folks know how to hold their own.  You can save survivors, trade with neighbors, and even call your allies to pick up much needed supplies, provided you find them of course.  And boy oh boy, will you need those supplies, because like it or not, you have a base to run.  Food and ammo are musts, but don’t forget about the medicine or construction supplies, as keeping your allies rested and healthy is paramount to your survival.
At first, you will likely be overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of tasks to accomplish, as well as the cluttered screen, but after a while, you definitely don’t notice as much.  Just think of it as Undead Labs helping you experience the overwhelming stress and dread of such a life changing phenomenon.  Also marring this games greatness is the sometimes frustrating context sensitive nature of exploring, coupled with the rapid and unrelenting attacks of zombie hordes.     You may often times use an unwanted item, or struggle to close a door, especially when your health is low.
But regardless of these flaws, a true sense of accomplishment can be felt with defending yourself and your fellow survivors from the undead, and killing zed is always a blast.
Four Senses
Sight:   Colorful visuals, cartoony yet realistic art style
Sound:  the music heightens tension without you even noticing its there
Touch:  satisfying melee combat, but firearms feel a bit on the light side
Taste:  Bloody and mature, without going overboard, with a good mix of humor and drama mixed in
Vacuum grade
(Grade the game revives based purely on the game experience itself.     Imagine nothing else exists except this game.)
Real world grade
(All factors included, such as market saturation, price, potential, hype, etc.)
A word to the wise
Accomplishes where many of the previous zombie games have failed.  State of Decay creates a sense of purpose while balancing survival of not only you, but your friends as well.  This game won’t hold your hand, so be ready to lose survivors, or start all over
(This is my first game review, so please give me feedback.   Thanks!)



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