Freljord: War is Coming

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Which Side Are You On?

Aka: This has to be my favourite update and event to date!


Riot has made its next champion release into an event and connects heavily into the lore of the Freljord area.  The Freljord is ruled over by the Avarosan’s leader Ashe and her husband, the barbarian king Tryndamere, whom she married to unite the people and the barbarians for peace.  Not everything is as it seems; war has been brewing farther into the land by Sejuani, leader of the great Winter’s Claw tribe, who believe striving for peace is nothing but weakness. For her only the strong must survive.  Deeper into the heart of the cold, the Frostguard lead by Lissandra had protected not only the secrets of Freljord but it’s greatest threat.

Long ago, before Freljord existed, there was the Frozen Watchers and they were lead by the three sisters; much like the three that exist now of Ashe, Lissandra and Sejuani.  They gave up everything they had to the Frozen Watches in return for power, they would have to do the bidding for the Watchers and they strove over the land, creating an icy hell.  Not all was well between the three; the youngest, Avarosa, betrayed them and the only one to survive was Lissandra. She vowed to finish what they had started and create the world as she saw fit, bring glory and power to the Watchers once more.  She purged the world of the knowledge of this tribe and the history of what had happened and lived throughout the eras, changing who she was and what she affected in the world.  When the second set of sisters were born, she knew that this was her time and kill the real Lissandra and taking her place as the leader of the Frostgaurd to bid her time.  That time is now.


This current patch by Riot has seen a lot of updates in lore, champions, skins and maps.  They are offering a new map to ARAM (All Random All Middle) players called the Howling Abyss.  ARAM is where everyone is given a random champions and go into a single lane where you can not go back to heal or buy unless you have died.  They created a map that was a test zone for this called the Proving Grounds; this map had caused a large amount of the players to enjoy and play this ARAM but there wasn’t exactly a proper map for it.  They created the Howling Abyss much like their 3v3 map called Twisted Treeline to tie in with the release of the champion Elise and her lore.  The Howling Abyss is an area where the Watchers and the Iceborn fought at one point of their history and I do think it was rumored to be the place where the first sisters fought in a lore content of a speech that Lissandra gives if you playing her on the map. Easter egg of goodness, yes?!  This was in the beta and I do not know if it was put into the live just yet.


Riot also released their reworks of both Trundle and Sejuani; both of these champions had been niche champions where only a small part of the community played them, especially Trundle.  Trundle was a champion that was a bit on the broken side, not as bad as how broken Varus could be and had a small group of players who dedicated time and effort into learning.  Riot wanted to make him more accessible to the community and did both a visual and kit rework, though the kit rework is not as large as Sejuani. Both are viable for jungling and as well top lane; their kits make them now stronger champions for the jungle.   Sejuani’s kit was given a large overhaul which her visual adjust her looks making her look more like a warrior for the north.  Her kit didn’t allow her to be played often nor did it offer much for a team.  She made a great tank but at the time that was about it; with the new kit, she offers great control and great ganking abilities.  I’ll say my team’s junglers are all having a hay day over these two. I haven’t had them be quiet for days over Skype.  One is a big fan of Sejuani even before her rework but unfortunately we couldn’t play her ofter and the other two always wanted to give Trundle some more of the lime light.  Personally, I’ve had a lot of fun with Sejuani on the team even if she didn’t offer much early and mid game but then again, our team loves our late game team comps.  There is nothing like having a Sejuani charge right into the middle of the enemy and watch them scatter!



The new champion that has been release is Lissandra, the Ice Witch.  She has been a champion with great anticipation and one of the many that Riot has been hinting at since the closed beta.  She was known to the Ice Dervish or Dryad or whatever other names the community had floating about and in the files. The community had also demanded the third sister to be made into a champion after the original Freljord lore had been revealed through the League Journals and champion lore.  It was said that Avarosa, Lissandra’s youngest sister gave birth the the three other sisters: Ashe, Sejuani and the original Lissandra.  She is a high mobility mage with great kiting and ganking capabilities.  Lissandra offers a lot of crowd control affect through slows and roots; she has a great mana management because of her passive which allows her to use one ability ever 18 seconds for free, there is no mana cost.  Her strongest roles would be a mobility mid or a top for a double AP lane comp because she isn’t not exactly mana dependent and can go top without the worry about needed the Blue Buff that gives mana regen. Her ultimate offers a high percentage slow and a stun on target if cast on the enemy and if she casts it upon herself, it’s a built in free card from damage for 1.5 seconds.

Along with the reworks, Lissandra and the new map, Riot has turned this into a large event with unlockables, a promo site and with the free champion rotation.  The champion rotation this week has all the champions that are involved into the war for Freljord including Quinn and Valor from Demacia who are witnesses to Lissandra’s plan.  The unlockables are the summoner icons that they are offering, one for each of the tribes. Currents all three are plain symbols for the tribes and after 10 wins they will evolve and you will be able to keep the one you’ve chosen after the event.  You cannot have all three, though I wish you could; it’s like pokemon right? Got to collect them all!!  The 10 wins you need can be in normal or ranked play on any of the 4 maps.  If you change your mind on which one you want, you can change it but you have to redo all of the 10 wins again.

Tribes (left to right): Avarosan, Winter's Claw and Frostguard

Tribes (left to right): Avarosan, Winter’s Claw and Frostguard

There is also new icy skins available for Volibear, Shyana and a legendary skin for Anivia.  These skins are quite the looker when I saw them back on the beta and being a large Shyana player, I can’t help but enjoy this particular skin.  The skin for Anivia, the Cyrophoenix, is an amazing skin and a legendary one to boot. It offers a lot more than the other skins with not just a visual change. Her actions, particles and affects are all different; allowing this skin to be above and beyond the normal priced skins. The legendary skins that Riot has been coming out with the last couple they have done is really amazing.  Their previous legendary skins are great as well but as the years have gone on, they have redefined what they are looking for in a skin and what would make it legendary.


Ice Drake Shyvana



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