Death of an Icon-

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Just finding out tonight that Carmine Infantino we take the time to have a quiet moment for     one of the greatest contributors to comics. Carmine brought life to so many characters, and his flirtation with the pages breathed heartbeats to each page he touched. First finding work with Harry “A” Chesler during the gold age of comics, Infantino recalled:

“I used to go around as a youngster into companies, go in and try to meet people — nothing ever happened. One day I went to this place on 23rd Street, this old broken-down warehouse, and I met Harry Chesler. Now, I was told he was a mean guy and he used people and he took artists. But he was very sweet to me. He said, ‘Look, kid. You come up here, I’ll give you a dollar a day, just study art, learn, and grow.’ That was damn nice of him, I thought. He did that for me for a whole summer.”

220px-Spwm108As one of the major stepping stones of his career, Carmine’s path of self discovery in the 1940’s lead to him working for everyone at one time or another. Brushing elbows with artists such as Lou Fine, Reed Crandall and Will Eisner at Quality Comics. Infantino didn’t really shine until he was under the wing of the great Sheldon “Shelly” Mayer at All-American Comics, sister company to DC Comics. In the 1950’s, while still working for DC, Infantino would “moonlight” for Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

Infantino’s first published work was ‘Jack Frost’ with Frank Giacoia, while doing some work for Timely, which would later become Marvel Comics.

As one an artist that helped develop one of DC staple and iconic characters Barry Allen in 1956, more characters followed. More characters and concepts followed, one after another: the Elongated Man, Animal Man, Adam Strange, Batman and Batgirl. Through his hard work, and unmatched vision, Infantino gained first the DC Art Director job, then the Editorial Director position and from there the Publisher seat.flash123

star_wars_marvel_00341977 marked the departure from DC and Infantino’s leap back to freelance, working at Warren Publications and animation in Hollywood. When Star Wars hit the scene and everything changed Marvel acquired the license, and Infantino was back. Picking up the mantel of continuing the saga of a “galaxy far, far away” for the House of Ideas. Of course more Marvel work followed, his integral vision spanned to Spider-Woman, Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Howard the Duck.  1980 he returning to DC and the Flash, but the itch for further expansion lead to teaching; spreading his theories through Hollywood.

So we thank you Carmine Infantino, we thank you for your hard work, dedication, and sincerity for the craft. Without you we would be without so much, you will be missed.

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