MLB 2K13 Review and Perfect Pitch Challenge

PallyDOTS —  24/03/2013 — Leave a comment

MLB 2K13Now even though it is still cold in a lot of parts in the country, spring is in the air. And when there is spring in the air, that can only mean one thing, baseball.

It had been a few years since I played a new MLB game, not since 2K10 to be exact. And I was hoping for some changes to what the game had to offer. There were a few new features that I had noticed. One nice feature is that you can choose to follow your favorite team, load up the game everyday that was played that day, and see if you can have a better performance than the real life players.

With the My Player feature, you can create a character in your own likeness, or whomever you would like it to be, and you go through starting off as a fresh rookie in the minor leagues working your way through to get a starting spot in the Major Leagues. It could take you some time depending on how good your hand-eye coordination is. As you progress and pass different goals the computer sets for you, you gain points to assign to your player to make him a better player, getting you up to the Majors faster. The best thing about My Player is that if you do not have a lot of time to play a game, this is the way to go. You only play the situation that your player is a part of. So you bat for yourself and no one else.

The mechanics of the game have not changed and nor should they have. Back 3 years ago the way you hit and pitched worked nicely, even though the pitches still don’t always read properly. But it’s nice to be able to have so much control over a character in a sport game like this. The only thing they need to implement into the game is a fighting system for when you rush the mound after getting hit in the face.

Included in this years 2K13 is the return of the Perfect Game Challenge. In years past the challenge was whoever could pitch a perfect game first, would be the winner of $1 million. Last year things were changed by not having the first person to be the winner, but you earn points depending on how low rated is the pitcher you use and how highly rated the team is you pitch against. Then once the top 4 are announced, they will meet at the All-Star Weekend to find out who will take home the grand prize of $250,000. Each team will also have a $30,000 prize for the top rated game that was pitched with their team. So if you get the top score with every team, that $750,000! The contest begins April 1st and runs the whole month of April, so get your pitching thumbs warmed up and ready to go!

Overall the game is very solid, with many different ways to play from creating your own player, to running a franchise and making the decisions, to working on drills and taking on the best of the best in the Home Run Derby. Graphics on the game are pretty well done, with the player sometimes freezing up for a second after being call out or crossing home plate, but nothing that would mess up a play.

Overall Rating for MLB 2K13: 7.7/10

Perfect Game Challenge explanation below:



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