Sandy Hook Shooter a “deranged gamer” according to a report

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Balloons hang from the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign in Sandy Hook, in Newtown,

According to a law enforcenment source that spoke to The New York Daily News, the psychopath who killed 20 children and 6 adults targeted a school to “outscore” other massacres.

The report claims that the murderer had detailed spreadsheet that was 7ft, by 4ft with names, body counts, and types of weapons used from previous mass murders and even attempted murders. This next bit is where the source really will incite the ire of gamers worldwide. The source stated “They don’t believe this was just a spreadsheet. They believe it was a score sheet,” he continued. “This was the work of a video gamer, and that it was his intent to put his own name at the very top of that list. They believe that he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills. That’s what (the Connecticut police) believe.”
The source goes on to say, “They believe that (Lanza) believed that it was the way to pick up the easiest points. It’s why he didn’t want to be killed by law enforcement. In the code of a gamer, even a deranged gamer like this little bastard, if somebody else kills you, they get your points. They believe that’s why he killed himself. “They have pictures from two years before, with the guy all strapped with weapons, posing with a pistol to his head. That’s the thing you have to understand: He had this laid out for years before.” And here is what really put the bad taste in my mouth, “He didn’t snap that day, he wasn’t one of those guys who was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore,” the man said. “He had been planning this thing forever. In the end, it was just a perfect storm: These guns, one of them an AR-15, in the hands of a violent, insane gamer. It was like porn to a rapist. They feed on it until they go out and say, enough of the video screen. Now I’m actually going to be a hunter.”

The source went on to claim he even learned to reload from, you guessed it, those evil video games. Here is the quote “It really was like he was lost in one of his own sick games. That’s what we heard. That he learned something from his game that you learn in (police) school, about how if you’re moving from room to room — the way he was in that school — you have to reload before you get to the next room. Maybe he has a 30-round magazine clip, and he’s only used half of it. But he’s willing to dump 15 rounds and have a new clip before he arrives in the next room.” He elaborates, “They believe he learned the principles of this — the tactical reload — from his game. Reload before you’re completely out. Keep going. When the strap broke on his first weapon (the AR-15), he went to his handgun at the end. Classic police training. Or something you learn playing kill games.” Playing kill games? Is that what they are being called now? I guess the media needed another buzz word to point fingers in every direction except where it belongs, AT THE SHOOTER.

The source had a new way of describing killers like this, which is probably the only thing I agree with “We keep calling them mass murderers,but there should be a new way of referring to them: Glory killers.” Now can we just step back here for a second and ask ourselves who gives them this glory? Is it games? I would say absolutely no. Could it be the 24 hour news networks who gives these killers the glory they seek with hours of coverage of their deeds, and catchy little buzzword nicknames? I would say the media is far more to blame for this than games, if you want to go into finger-pointing. I tend to believe the ultimate fault is to be laid at the feet of the parents, specifically his mother.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been playing games since I was about 6, I have NEVER even considered doing something this evil. The assertion that games inspire people to kill is absurd, and it just puts a horrendous stigma on those of us who play games, and have played them for years, without a sudden desire to be a mass murderer. I pretty sure the MILLIONs of other gamers, who don’t fantasize about violence and aren’t psychotic, would agree with me. Sound off below and let us know how you feel. Does this anger you like it does me?

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    Great Article, Soviak. It pisses me off, but–what do we do? Is there a congressman that I call when someone points fingers at Gamers? Soon you won’t be able to buy anything other than bobbleheaded Wii Games… Like… Bowling.

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