Activision adds microtransactions to Call of Duty, surprises no one in the process.

soviakunion —  14/03/2013 — Leave a comment

In a blog post, Activision community manager Dan Amrich stated their flagship shooter would be getting microtransactions on Xbox 360. On March 13, the Nuketown 2025 map will be available for free along with so-called “Micro Items”. These include gun personalization packs, extra loadout slots, more media storage for theater mode, and a Nuketown Zombies pack. You know, because you play Call of Duty to fight off those awful Zambies. Amrich went on to state the packs cost $1-$5, and are “completely optional”. What kind of “optional items” can you get? How about the “Bacon personalization pack”, this amazing waste of Microsoft magic points wraps your gun in, you guessed it, Bacon. Mr. Amrich didn’t mention any other platforms in his blog post, so it looks like only Xbox players will be able to waste their money on virtual meat.

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