Red Ring of Death

PallyDOTS —  12/03/2013 — 2 Comments

The Red Ring of Death on my Xbox

Today I experienced one of the worst tragedies that a gamer can experience. The red ring of death. For the past week when I have played, My xbox would either stop in the middle of listening to a song or in the middle of a match of FIFA 13. My screen became pixelated and no amount of button mashing that I could produce could fix the screen. Then I went to hit the power button on the console and noticed when I was hoping never to see. 3 red rings. I froze for a minute because I couldn’t believe that after 6 years my 360 was done for. Once I composed myself from what I had seen, I went and did a little research and found out that I had a general hardware failure and was looking for ways to fix it.

I found videos of people taking apart their xbox’s completely and then adding chemicals at the end. Then my friend Annie reminded me of the quick fix towel trick. For those of you who do not know the towel trick, leaving the xbox on, wrap it in 2-3 large towels and let it overheat for about 15-30 minutes. Unwrap and let cool. Turn it on and get back to gaming. It is only supposed to serve as a temporary fix, so the rings are going to come back.

I just finished my 30 minute overheat session and my cooldown period and am going to plug it back in. And hot damn, it’s back to working order! Well, looks like its time to turn it in and get a new one. Is the 720 out yet? Good luck to the sucker that buys my old xbox!



-Sorry, I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate -Did someone say chimichanga? Never mind. That was just the sound of my skull and brains healing. Follow me on twitter @PallyDOTS

2 responses to Red Ring of Death


    the main reason why it may have overheated is because you have your xbox in a closed space . it does not have a large enough air flow in that little area. try the towel trick , it may help for a sort period.


      The one side is open to where the fan is. But it probably was still in to closed of a space. And the towel trick did work, but it won’t last for very long, so its time for a new xbox.

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