For the Glory of Noxus!

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A League of Legends (aka Why the hell do I keep playing this?) Article

LeagueFor the honor of pride…
For the joy of the battle…
The never-ending blood lust…

They rise up fighting each moment in the grandest of arenas, fueling the pride of lands and nations; settling final scores and bringing home the greatest honors.  Be it for the pride of Noxus or Demacia, the solo goal of devouring the Starchild’s heart or even finding the greatest warrior of time, they rise up and fight to the bitter or highest ends.

Welcome to Runeterra… Welcome to the League of Legends.

There is nothing but excitement in most players when you hear those four words, ‘Welcome to Summoner’s Rift’, at least that’s how it is for myself.  League of Legends is a high rising game with stakes going from an average player to the professional player.  There are matters of pride and sometimes a great joy in simply being the best or even be considered a professional player.   Professional or average, this game does span across lot of different players as well as levels of play.

The first time I ever considered this game it was a moment of just following the crowd.  A full out PVP game where your only goals ever seemed like you had get the most kills and destroy the enemy base.  Definitely not the game for me but I wanted to see why it had all my friends so interested in it.  From first glimpses, this game heavily relies on strategy and knowledge of RTS games but wait, it’s not all that.  After playing a few horribly frustrating games, I realized it’s not just any old RTS and found the lore (being a heavily RPG player, this was gold in my mind at the time).  Unfortunately, a real interest in the game is what keeps you there and well, mine was out the door.

Months go by and I find myself once again waiting for the patch to finish for this game.  Most games don’t ever have that interest to pull you back but this one certainly did.  Even with my awful start and believe me it was awful, I had never killed a single champion on my own if that says something.  The second try was what had kept me playing for about a year and I played on the North American server.

League of Legends offers a lot of joy depending on what you enjoy in a RTS game.  From their creative lore of the champions to the champions themselves.  Each game can be different, even through wins or losses, the combinations of the champions can make or break games but make each game fun.  There are stressfully parts of League being, the lovingly called, ‘Elo Hell’; this is where players solo or duo queue up to be ranked using a system similar to chess.  The higher the Elo, the higher level of play you are capable of.

One of the cons to the game, if you are playing with friends, is the ranked teams of 3v3 or 5v5.  This in my opinion is either a friends destroyer or it makes you better friends.  I played on a ranked team in the North American server with some people I had met in the queues.  Like any team sport, team play as well as sportsmanship is needed and once that is gone, it is nothing but full out blood bath.  Arguments from who plays what position on the team better to the good old fashion ‘You suck at this game’ come out.  The more you fight, the more the game becomes less fun and eventually it is a turn off if you let the ‘drama’ get to you.  Leaving my ranked team at 1.5k Elo, I set off again for the land of MMOs but this isn’t the end to the League story, as long as their lore is developing so is every player.

League is definitely a game that can suck you in again and again.  A couple of my guild mates from an MMO dragged me kicking and screaming back to League because I had sworn I was never going to play this ‘darn awful game again as long as I lived’.  With a good set of incentives, I was playing on an average basis and this time around I noticed a lot more about the game.  This time around, I was playing on the European West Server and that was something completely different.

There is a difference of game play depending on the server and it was something that had shocked me.  I would have thought, no matter what server you were on, the game play would be the same.  Each server, the players have different ideas on what to do, what is acceptable as well as their own different strategies.  As they says, when in Rome, do as the Romans and that is what I did.

From what I’ve seen again of this game, this game is simple to understand but it’s the matter of mastering it.  Here I am another year later, another level 30 account working on my Elo once more and this time with more experience.  The game is enjoyable on many levels, with or without friends, and even if it’s the same thing again and again, kill enemy champions and destroy their bases, it is never the same.  Each game changes with the players and the enemy team; it’s about outwitting and outplaying and that is why I keep coming back to it again and again.



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