Wizk!ds, out to make a few bucks

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Omega Batman

I began playing HeroClix in March of 2010 after I saw my roommates playing a tabletop game with dice based combat with super heroes. I was interested in seeing how the game was played, but did not really want to learn because I knew that I would get hooked and would want to get my own pieces. Lo and behold, that happened. Almost three years and a couple thousand dollars latter, I am still playing this addicting game. But because of the game, I have learned a lot about different superheroes and have gotten into comic books.

With the most recent releases from Wizk!ds, Batman looked to be like a great set, and it was. There are fantastic pieces within the set, they even brought back the god pack (god packs contain the 5 chase figures from the set and yes, I pulled one) which hasn’t been seen since Hammer of Thor (HoT god pack contained 4 super rares and Thor, Frog of Thunder). But there needs to be a limit as to what they put out for each set. I understand that they are out to make money and there are many many different versions of each character that could be made into a piece, but enough is enough.

Today I went to the comic shop to pick up my Thunderbolts #2 (awesome book so far, but that’s for another time), and there on the counter was the newest Streets of Gotham gravity feed set that was just released on the 19th (subset to the Batman set). I knew what was in the set and what I wanted, but did not want to purchase any more pieces until the next main set comes out in a couple months. But since the chases in this mini-set are one per case and the guy at the cashier had a fresh case, I had to spend the $31 for the 6 single boosters and team pack. There was no chase in the packs, but I did get the blue beetle piece that I was looking for.

That’s a little off topic. My point is that there are WAY too many sub-sets coming out with the main 50-70 piece set. It hard enough to try and get all of the pieces from a main set that you want, but then you come out with a subset that contains another 50 pieces, not to mention the fast forces 6 figure sets that come out as well. But I know of stores that sell out of the stuff within the first couple days of having it on their shelves. Other places still have booster packs laying around from a year ago because no one wants those pieces anymore.

Thinking about it now, maybe that is the reason that they added more subsets to the mix. People were collecting the whole main set in such a short amount of time and money, that Wizk!ds weren’t making enough profit and a lot of the product was just sitting. And with the subsets coming in single booster packs costing $3 a piece instead of charging $12 for a booster of 5 pieces like in the main sets, they are wanting to take advantage of the consumers of their products. The team packs from the gravity feeds are also a rip-off at a going rate of $12 for 3 figures. And Wizk!ds is not going to slow down either. There are also now making strategy games and tablet games from which the pieces are able to be used in regular games and are very powerful. The way I see it, if they want to keep making this great product, they need to go back to less of it and stop adding all different types of rules to the game!

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