Dungeons & Dragons: For the Rest of Us

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So, yesterday was the seventh month anniversary of my DM’s first campaign with my group.  For some of you, you understand the magnitude and awesomeness that is such a statement, for the rest of us—who cares, right?  Wrong.  This is pretty frikkin’ amazing, and something most of my readers would give the Obama (Not Bad) Face.  It’s a healthy spot for a D&D campaign to be at…but why do I feel less secure about my gameplay now than I did when I first started?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Oh, yes.  We shall.

I’m a level 6 Thief.  That’s a little less than a level a month.  My friend “Borkum” (Character names used to protect…whatever) told me last night, after struggling with math and rolls of dice I had no idea why I was rolling, that I really wasn’t doing half bad.  But…I’m a level 6 Thief.  I have 23HP (Hit Points), and most of the people in my group want to kill me.  LOL.  That’s pretty bad, if you ask me.  I hate having to tiptoe when all I want to do is kill them first.  *wicked, evil grin spreads across the Writer’s face.* When I first started, it was really my first time playing a table top RPG.  I wasn’t attached to her, losing her would be like losing a pair of cheap sunglasses.  Don’t worry, I’ll get another paid.  Now, don’t get me wrong guys; I’ve been roleplaying since I was 14 years old.  I’m…not going to tell you how old I am now, but take it from me, I know how to describe a scene from start to finish.  It’s the…mechanics that always seem to muck me up.  So…

Why do people like this game?  I happen to think it’s because it allows us to be who we’ve been dreaming about being if the fear of getting caught (and perhaps committed to a mental asylum—or worse) would merely be a percentile roll on Move Silently/Hides in Shadows.  If I were simply to look at why I play, it’s because I get to be (attempt to be) a villain.  A bad guy.  How AWESOME, right?  Who hasn’t ever been driving to work and fantasized their entire car ride away daydreaming about how boss it would be to rob a bank and get away with it—living on some white sandy beach in the middle of nowhere?  That’s the whole point of Healthy Roleplay.  It’s so you get the chance to do something risky and daring, and even stupid…without completely effin’ up your R E A L life.  Some people enjoy being the Hero.  [Enter QUICK HERO THEME Here]  Others like to pull out their trusty grimoires and cast spells.  I understand that saying that would make some twirk their noses in the air and precede the usual line of, “Eh, that’s stupid, why you do that?”, but for the Rest of Us, it’s grand out!

My Favorite thing about D&D is actually what is going to get my character, Fion, killed (thus feeling less secure, just to tie this all in to my original thought, heh).  It’s the fact that ultimately, no matter how well I imagine my character could do in a given situation, she could always die.  It could always end; any well written character would his weight in gold coins always has a horrific, looming death mysteriously ticking away before it strikes.  Daunting enough is getting through a well-fortified dungeon, only to ‘roll a 1’, trip over your own shoelace and swallow the dagger you were just about to throw at that cobalt (I’m told it’s actually spelled kobold or something like that) you were about to put a mean hurtin’ on.  DAMMIT!!  (>_<)  Ask me what it’s like to lose a high level character to a bullet in the crotch, and I’ll tell you a tale that has your sides splitting and begging for more.  You don’t get stories like that after an afternoon of Fantasy Football.  No, sir.  I’ll confess, I want only the most Epic of Deaths for Fion, should her time inevitably come, but…perhaps not just yet?  Please?  Maybe?

So, if you’ve learned anything from this, it’s that Dungeons & Dragons is the sort of game that anyone could actually play, if they could only let their guard down and enjoy a bit of imagination wandering.  It’s the cheapest way to go to some of the most exotic destinations, enjoying the company of good friends, and a healthy way of expelling some of the stresses of life—if only for a little while.  Happy Gaming!!

*previously published for NerdSynq.com



I write for Hobby, and I'm told I have a voice for Radio (or phone sex, one of the two...). I'm a latent Geek Girl, with Gamer Wounds (calluses on my thumbs)!! Oh, and I love Fashion. I have no problem admitting I'm classic trendy. I am sooo looking forward to XBOX 720, aren't you, people?!

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