Deadpool (MARVEL NOW!)

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poolthorDeadpool has done many interesting things in the past. He stopped the Skrull invasion single handedly, setting up elaborate schemes that somehow end up working, trying to have a relationship with Mistress Death, and eating many many tacos, chimichangas, and pancakes. But his latest might be the most interesting. The Merc with a Mouth is trying to stop former Presidents from taking over the country, zombie style. Our hero begins in the belly of the beast, literally, along with Thor (who he thinks he is doing a team-up with). He fights his way through Franklin Roosevelt, gets his eye shot out by Lincoln, has superhero women fight over him on a beach (Emma Frost, Sue Richards, and She-Hulk) in a dream, has Ben Franklin join his cause, beat up Teddy Roosevelt at a zoo, kill Gerald Ford (he walked into some helicopter blades), get a magic infused sword from Dr. Strange then stick it in Richard Nixon to destroy him. And this is all in the first three issues of the reboot of the new book!

This new Deadpool series is beautifully written by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. This writing staff brings back the same whitty Pool as Daniel Way did in the last series. For those do not know, Posehn is a comedian and Duggan has been writing books for many years (Infinite Horizon along with others) and is self proclaimed as a “writer for hire, have laptop, will travel”. These guys capture the essence of what a good Deadpool book should be. He makes his stupid jokes, has his short serious moments, then goes back to have stupid conversations with the people he is fighting. o, and he makes passes at women at inappropriate times. Same ol’ Wade that everyone loves.

The man who puts the pencil to the paper is Tony Moore. Tony has been writing books since 2000 with some titles like Venom, Punisher, Ghost Rider, and The Walking Dead to name a few. Marvel better have fired the guy that they had doing Deadpool at the end of the last series Filipe Andrade. I understand that people like his work, but when you go from one frame to the next and the faces looking nothing alike, that a good comic it does not make. It almost made me hate the series. But Moore does an excellent job with the pencils of this series so far and hopefully he can stay on for the foreseeable future.

With great minds like Posehn and Duggan writing this book and Moore providing the pencils, the Deadpool series should be a great book. If they are starting off with Deadpool killing zombie presidents, I can not wait to see what they do next. Deadpool #4 will be on the shelves January 23 and issue #5 out February 20. Little teaser for you, next two issues Pool fights Lincoln then he goes after Reagan in space! So go pick up the books! And monkeys, lots of monkeys.

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