This was an awesome show, full of conspiracy and intrigue. James & Ballsrog express their fright of Albino Lullaby, and with the announcement for X-Files Ballsrog tells the tale of the dark side of the moon. We are joined by a very special guest Ernesto who tells of his top two moments in the podcasts history.


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We have the opportunity to interview the development duo for Dead Years, an awesome zombie survival game, that allows you to play as the trusty companion; your dog! Also on this show we talk about cosplay and Nintendo’s push to new frontiers.WWE Cosplayers dressing up for an event, new standards set on cosplay at conventions, and when adoration of cosplay goes to far. All that packed into our two hour block.


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Check out the latest episode of Total Nerd where we talk about Smart Watch tech, price point differences between Apple Watch and the new Pebble! There is a lot of debate between following a fandom or effectiveness. The show is happy to also have Tsuki back! She is fresh from adventure in PAX and she brings goodies, Monster Hunter Jerky, Indie Dev news–and he feelings on the Expo overall! Click on the picture below to unleash the awesome! #yanerdme Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram so you can keep up with your favorite nerdy crew!10380900_812320468813950_8963390489880599181_n b


                I consider myself to be a professional imitator of adulthood. I pretend all the bells and whistles that come with the job. I work hard at letting people believe I am a well adjusted adult. This means I don’t take it lightly when I have decided to start this article like this:

             HOLY. FREEGIN. BALLS. BUY THIS GAME! BUY IT STEAL IT! BORROW IT! I beat it last night. It is absolutely everything I could ever want in a video game. You want side quests? BAM! They’re there buddy. You want loyalty to the brand? WUBAM!! No problem! You want continuity!!! HELLBAHM! It lands in your face like a hot steamy butter croissant from mother fluffin Pillsbury! This is the only game I have hungered for as badly as the remake of Final Fantasy 7. I have wanted to marry people over tattoos of this game!

I’m fairly certain I covered this in the last article I wrote. I am here solely to reassure you, this is a game worth your money. You remember the infuriating camera mechanic of both OoT and Majora’s mask? Gone. Intuitive camera angles for everybody!! And don’t be shifty and pretend you like that because of the added difficulty. It wasn’t an intentional part of the game and you’re just trying to sound like a purist. That’s stupid and so are your opinions. Gaming is the collective of disenfranchised in a non judgmental society. We love everybody. Even people who fit in high school. Knock it off. The worst part of this game was that it ended.

With smooth fluid controls, a graphical upgrade, and a kidney punch straight to the feels there is not one reason I can think of that would deter you from purchasing this game. Old fans of the game are going to fall in love all over again. New fans, look I know its a departure but relax you got ten games to fight Gannon/ what ever he turns into. Enjoy a game where you have something else to do! This is possibly the most original title in the entire series. I’ve heard plenty of complaints about the whole three day system. You want to know how to beat that? It’s super simple and you can do it like twenty minutes after starting the game. Just save your game. Once your regain kid link form run to Romani ranch and save. The grass th3dere gives up anything you could lose during time travel at least at first.

If you have a 3DS and not this game, you are missing out. Just try it.

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  Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review. Hello my fellow NerdSynq fans, this is Mr.Zangetsu and I am back to recommend another game to you. Today, I will be talking about the latest anime centered fighting game the infamous Dragon Ball Xenoverse! I know what you’re all thinking, why is this fellow reviewing what is another rehashed Dragon Ball Z game. This series has been propagated so much throughout the media and games it makes you almost wonder what makes this game so different. After all, if you have seen one kamehameha you have truly seen them all. So how does this game differentiate itself from other Dragon Ball Z games; and more importantly is this game even worth your time?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse was just released earlier last month February 2015. It was released on all consoles including the PC. This happens to be the latest installment in a series of what appears to be a never ending anime. Just as soon as you think Goku has fallen back into the deep recesses of your subconscious, here he comes charging forward glowing in all of his super saiyan goodness. He does all this to bring you one new fresh kamehameha at a time, just when the gaming world needs him the most.

Xenoverse boasts an all new game engine instead of the cramped side scroller cel shaded 2-D fighting game we all know and love from PS2 days prior.This gives a fresh update to what was a dated and repetitive fighting system; that turned die hards away from the game fighting series.All the changes addressed in Xenoverse are relevant and were needed to get older fans back into the games, and to help inspire newer gamers to get interested in the series. Yes, despite DBZ great popularity not everybody has played the games or even seen the anime surprising right?!  The graphics on my PC are running stable at 60 fps in 1080p. I have never seen a Dragon Ball game run this sharp, and with its “bling-bling” and “sparkle-sparkle”  it will sure enough get and keep your attention. I am finally glad the games look as good as the anime, this change is epic and most needed for the series to stay relevant in a 1080p gaming generation.

The character roster is also pretty extensive, containing some forgotten classics from all the way back in the frieza saga such as Nappa and Raditz. To one of the newest characters post the new Dragon Ball Z movie Battle of the Gods ; Bills the god of destruction! You can select different versions of characters from different time periods in the series. They each have their own different move sets and looks, featuring battle scarred versions, and post super saiyan transformations. This game isn’t just a fighting game but an integrated RPG giving you control and creation of your own Dragon Ball character to help our classic heroes fight the oppression, one kamehameha at a time! You are a custom character summoned by omega shenron to help correct the ruined flow of the Dragon Ball Z timeline that is being distorted by evil time travelers. This gives you the option to create a character from nearly any race in the series from Saiyan,to Frieza, Namekian, Earthling and more! You can also collect and use moves from your favorite characters to make your own inter-dimensional warrior to fight along Goku and friends.

The biggest part of this customization is the use of collecting skills, items and even buying your favorite characters clothing. This gives you a truly personal character experience and is a huge incentive to level up and collect yen to buy the strongest equipment and learn the strongest skills! So far I am nearing the end of the game and am at level 48 and I am still not strong enough for the final boss. Leveling up gives your character experience points to use for certain fields, such as ki based attacks, strike based attacks, health point increase and the like. I can honestly see myself leveling up far after the story line due to the side quests that you can complete to access equipment and techniques earlier in the game by filling certain requirements.

This game being that is is an RPG has much needed replay value. By completing missions and leveling up your character you can unlock alternate costumes for characters and play far beyond the storyline. In summary, Dragon Ball Xenoverse gives a much needed update to the Dragon Ball fighting game series. I highly recommend that die-hards pick this game up as not only is it fun but it has high replayability and it is truly an entertaining game! Thanks for Reading!